Our team manages the entire operations of the underlying real estate asset, so you don't have to. The process for you, the investor, in Gray Duck Capital investment opportunities is structured to be passive and hassle-free. 

  • New Opportunity Opens

    Gray Duck Capital will announce the new investment opportunity. Within the opportunity, documents will include the summary, underwriting, and subscription documents. We will also schedule a live webinar to discuss the opportunity in detail and to answer any investor questions.
  • Commit to the Opportunity

    If the investor wishes to participate in the investment opportunity, the investor can log in to their investor portal and select the green 'Invest' button in the top right corner of the investment opportunity.
  • Complete Subscription Documentation

    After the investor submits their commitment amount and uploads any required documentation, the investor can digitally sign their subscription documentation through their online portal with just a few clicks.
  • Fund the Investment

    The Investor will be provided with instructions on. where to wire funds to finalize the investment process.
  • Receive Monthly & Quarterly Distribution Payments

    Now that the investor has completed all documentation and funded the investment, they're able to sit back and relax. During the investment period, the Investor will receive email progress updates from the team and collect the monthly and quarterly distribution payments directly to your bank account.